Intro – Overly-Caffeinated Perspectives

Great music (mostly classical), languages, libations, locales, and Life’s Quirky Bits – these are all the ‘Zest & Zing’ of our lives.

This blog fizzes with all that!

Mostly on business, for years now I’ve rattled around the globe.  My 20th birthday was celebrated in a 625-year old wine ‘Keller’ (cellar) in Vienna, Austria.

My 30th came aboard Ethiopian Airways flying westwards across Africa from Accra, Ghana to Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

My 40th was a genuine surprise party, at home!

For my half-century, yet another ‘Keller’, but this time in a freezing Moscow.

My bride and I celebrated our 30th anniversary on Santorini and in Dubai.  You get the idea.

During undergraduate days, for a year I studied (well, a bit) and lived in delightful Vienna.

My Vienna ties endure.  One Viennese colleague not only owns a prized collection of ancient bone flutes (what, you don’t?), he also composed a stunning oratorio – in Hebrew!  As one does, of course.

My gorgeous, ‘understanding’ bride of now four decades and I spent 20 fascinating years living, working and rearing our son in Europe.

Hours after my son entered This World in a truly quirky hospital like nothing else, either in the USA or most of the world, I ambled out into the night as a newly-minted “Vati” (diminutive of ‘father’, in German) as my son refers to me.

A taxi driver awarded me a gratis celebratory ride to the railway station.  A father of three boys, he proclaimed the birth of a son to be “better than sex!”   Sometimes, wherever one happens to be, cabbies can be just adorably weird!

Learning about other Nations, their languages and their cultures is a giddy privilege.  For one  example, ‘Viennaphilia’ and ‘Anglophilia’ are both incurable and lifelong.

In the ‘Nuggets Collected Along the Trail’ Department:   Every Easter I ponder British-born Pontius Pilate.  Papa was a Centurion with Caesar’s Army in modern-day Northumberland, northern England.   Consider mankind and the world if only the Pilate clan had stayed-on in Britain.

Both from former offices overseas and today from the USA, I’ve done and now actively do business in Africa, Europe, including the former Soviet Union and Warsaw Pact Nations, finally now freed from the communists’ choke-chain, Indian Sub-Continent, Israel, The Middle East, South America, and The United Kingdom, especially London, Edinburgh and Glasgow.

Wherever in the world, successful business is often concluded over cups of (preferably very strong) coffee, or, simple lunches, whether al fresco or in cozy inns, or in after-concert dinners with spouses.  Such venues are neutral turf.  Negotiations can be more easily and less stressfully concluded.

Even those places where I’ve either not (yet) set foot or haven’t tarried very long, I enjoy either ties or fascinations.

Our dual-national son’s Thunderbird MBA in International Business broadened both his (and our) vistas.  His penchant is Japan (Tokyo, especially), where he works and lives with our utterly stunningly kind, intelligent and beautiful daughter-in-law, Eriko. We enjoy insider peeps into a captivating land where good business can be done.  (Or, tsunamis and earthquakes aside!)

Welcome aboard!  It’s my pleasure to be your host for the ride.  Who knows?  If you like, we might even do some business!

1 thought on “Intro – Overly-Caffeinated Perspectives”

  1. Sharen Hunt said:

    Thank you for including me in this! I look so forward to more.
    Will miss you at the 2012 4-H summit, and sure hope there will be a 2013, mainly so you can again return to share, excite, and get us thinking–and dreaming!


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