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Children in Aleppo, Syria are now in even more desperate, dire straits than was the case a mere few days ago when I wrote “Why God Created War”, a link to which appears below.

One day after that published, I became a grandfather to an utterly beautiful little boy who is, alas, halfway around the planet.


Result?  My orientation has shifted, or a bit.  I feel a bit like I’m sure most men of my new rank feel; that is, at all costs, protect the young and vulnerable.  Ignore whatever may be the risks and worries to self.

Today, the plight of Aleppo and her all-too-innocent children are summed up by valiant efforts to alert the world to what seems all too likely to become the End of Every Child’s World.


[Toddler extracted Alive from building bombed by Russian fighter jets]


[Syrian volunteers carry an injured person on a stretcher following Syrian government forces airstrikes on the rebel held neighbourhood of Heluk in Aleppo.  Credit: AFP]

“The largest hospital in the opposition-held eastern side of the city was bombed out of service on Monday, in what medics called deliberate and targeted attacks. The hospital, codenamed M10 to protect its exact location, had been hit seven times in the last week.” [Emphasis mine]

“There are now only five working hospitals to treat the some 250,000 people living in east Aleppo. Treating hundreds of wounded a day, doctors say they do not have the staff or supplies to cope.”

aleppohospitalrubble2[Another attack on Syrian-American Medical Society’s largest trauma hospital in eastern Aleppo killing 3 maintenance workers. Hospital completely destroyed.  Photo courtesy Syrian-American Medical Society  Twitter: @sams_usa]

The last hospital, code-named M10 by the network of physicians in Aleppo and that was treating children and parents, was initially further damaged by bombings inflicted by Russian fighter-bombers and Syrian aircraft using of ‘barrel bombs’.

Later reports have it that the facility is totally destroyed.

As you see, current reports confirm:

No longer is there so much as a floor upon which to lay anyone!

So, what are ‘barrel bombs’?

A ‘barrel bomb’ can refer to any large container packed with gasoline, nails and chunks of steel that is typically thrown out of a helicopter. These improvised explosive devices represent a cheap form of aerial warfare — but their rudimentary and unguided design means they can kill civilians through inaccuracy.

Describing their use in Syria, the then State Department Spokeswoman Victoria Nuland described barrel bombs in 2012 as “vicious things indiscriminately launched … at targets without any concern about civilians.”

After eight years in office, neither the American President nor the Secretary of State have the slightest ability to effectively deal either with Vladimir Putin or his Ways of War.

Where Russia’s Putin exhibits strength, the Obama-Kerry team now leave their field of play (e.g., the UN) and offer platitudes of dismay and regret amounting to sheer defeat.

The Chinese general Sun Tzu put it this way:

“…who does not know the evils of war cannot appreciate its benefits”.

Mr. Putin knows and has practiced the ‘evils of war’ for many years, from his days as a KGB Colonel in East Berlin to the present day.

To his way of thinking, his benefit is secured; namely, keeping Russia’s lackey Bashar al-Assad in power, and, thus, ensuring his control of the eastern end of the Mediterranean.

That said, how antithetical to Assad’s sworn Hippocratic Oath as a medical doctor (one indeed who did graduate work at the prestigious Moorfields Eye Hospital in London), can he be when, right before his own eyes, he  is content to see and virtually stride through the slaughter?

A grave precedent has been set, inscribed with the Blood of Innocents into the Annals of Ineptitude, that may chart the course of both the USA and Russia for generations.

Mind you, without resolve and action, all this will almost assuredly play out across all too many graves of Total Innocents, or, provided, after day and night shelling with cluster bombs, barrel bombs and God only knows what, there is going to be enough of any precious child left to bury.


[Russian jets’ bombs collapsed far more more than buildings; dreams shattered]

Unlike Western deceits and cowardice towards Innocents, may these Innocent Children’s Spirits never be forgotten.


Soprano: Benedictus
Tenor: Benedictus
Alto: Qui venit in nomine Domini
Bass: Benedictus qui venit in nomine domini

Tutti: Hosanna in excelsis
Hosanna in excelsis
Hosanna in excelsis
Hosanna in excelsis

Benedictus qui venit in nomine domini



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