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Britain’s John Lewis plc is a modern mercantile miracle, begun by Quaker gent of that name who believed in offering goods at fair prices via a cooperative, not through the sins and wickedness of the stock market.

Their flagship department store with a foods section in the ‘Lower Ground Level’ (‘basement’ to Americans and non-Englishmen) is a magnet in London’s Oxford Street.

Every Christmas, the Directors of John Lewis ensure that the Great British Public are gently reminded of how very nice each of their Waitrose grocery shops’ staff really are by commissioning not just a television spot which airs all across Britain on the commercial, independently-run broadcasting companies, but a mini-drama designed, so I have been told, to evoke a feeling their good Quaker Founder would approve.

Christmas 2015’s marketing of the chain’s grocery stores with “Man on the Moon”, is, in my view, one of their very best.

From across the North Sea in Germany, however, is a local competitor in one of John Lewis’ lines; namely, groceries.

EDEKA is a wonderfully efficient company headquartered in beautiful Hamburg, Germany, one of the most famous and powerful of the old Hanseatic League States (circa 13th -15th Centuries).

Their motto, “Wir Leben Lebensmittel”, or, “We Live Groceries” (which, in German, is literally translated as “means of life”) refers to all their house-branded merchandise.

(This is rather akin to the other two German discount grocery chains, ALDI (a competitor-cousin of USA-based “Trader Joe’s’”) and LIDL.)

For all those reasons of value-for-money-over-all, EDEKA’s Christmas commercial was a stunner to me.


Prepare yourself for what is truly episodic, very moving, to say the least, and as beautifully shot as any film you might pay to see.

I never told you how,
how much you mean to me,
what in the world I would do
I just never made it through to you,
oohhh to you…

There goes a day, there goes a week,
so many goals I had to reach,
the more I did the less I cared,
the more I missed the love you’ve shared…

If life is a song, somehow it’s sad,
I don’t know the words without you Dad,
you’ve been on my mind,
all the time and I’m missing you…

Home used to be just some walls that i know,
but the truth is that home means nothing without you…

Ohhhh Ohhh-ohhhh Oh-Ohhh
Truth is… my home means nothing without you…

The Grandfather’s question, “Wie sollte ich denn sonst alle zusammenbringen sollen?“ (or ‘How else could I have brought you together?‘) sends the attractive young brunette’s tears flowing and generally packs a powerful punch.

It would!  All had received and opened their Notice of Death and Funeral (one man, presumably, his physician son, got his bad news on his smartphone).  All,  very guiltily and clad in funereal black, made a dash for home.

May none of us ever be in such a position.

From my family to yours, “Frohe Weihnachten”, “Happy Christmas”!



A cover of the band Oasis’s “Half the World Away” was sung by the relatively unknown Norwegian singer, Aurora Aksnes (stage name ‘Aurora’), in the John Lewis ad.
Website: http://www.aurora-music.com/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/iamAURORA
Twitter: @AURORAmusic

Ms. Neele Ternes, Oldenburg, Germany’s composer, songstress and producer, both wrote the lyrics and sang “Dad”, as above.
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/search/str/Neele+Ternes/keywords_top
Twitter: @neele_ternes

John Lewis Partners
Website: http://www.johnlewis.com/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/JohnLewisRetail
Twitter: @johnlewisretail

Website: http://www.waitrose.com/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Waitrose
Twitter: @waitrose

Website: http://www.edeka,de
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Edeka
Twitter: @EDEKA_D

Video hashtags:   #ManOnTheMoon  #heimkommen (‘homecoming’)