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I’ve asked Maestro Michael Stern if it is a ‘Victoria’s Secret’ whether Andrew Huang will be performing Johann Sebastian Bach’s ‘Air on a G String’ with his now world-class Kansas City Symphony.

Take a look at this, and let me know it is just too big a stretch.


Well, yes, quite!

More seriously, and for the depths of this one iconic piece, have a listen to the Royal Philharmonic conducted by Maestro Andrew Litton at London’s Royal Albert Hall.

This would have enthralled Bach himself.

Mr. Huang’s version?

Bach grew up in a strict, very devout Christian home. His music was the focus of his life, and he did not suffer errors, either in performance or frivolity of almost any sort.

Bach wasn’t patient with incompetents, or tolerant of effrontery that got in the way of his work.

Recall the incident in which he pulled off his wig and threw it at another musician, exclaiming, “You should have been a cobbler!” …

Bach once pulled a dagger on a bassoonist!  No one was injured, fortunately.  According to Bach, the dagger was only in self-defense against the other chap’s attack; the bassoonist was upset because Bach had compared his playing with…. the sound of a nanny-goat!

(Do I resist the urge to ask ‘How baaaad is that?’ Guess not.  Chalk up another to human frailty!)

Once Bach got a reprimand from his boss that he had played the organ too long in a church service, so at the next opportunity he deliberately stopped too early, just to annoy him, greatly.

Other people’s naive guesswork and shoddy workmanship simply were not good enough for Bach: he strove for excellence in all things.

Perhaps we’ll charitably say the Great Man’s view of Mr. Huang’s G string performance would rank as ‘unprintable’?



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