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To our son and his beautiful new bride, the wonderful daughter for whom we’ve waited for years, some thoughts upon what I’d have liked to have said but didn’t.

The venue — upon the greenest of lawns of the fabulous Kahala Hotel and Resort, and with volcanic islands, rustling palms, the bluest of skies, and lapping ocean as a backdrop — was stunning indeed.


That said, nothing was so profoundly moving in any way as the vows you swore to each other, in two languages, and which thereby also bound two cultures — one ancient, the second a mere pup in comparison. All this was heart-stopping, esp. the fact that the usual vows were improved upon by the addition of your own personal vows.

When you joined hands and swore those vows, it caused me to reflect upon the breath-taking beauty which a single hand can create and how much more two hands –together– can do beautifully over a lifetime.

Think always of standing prepared to be the right hands of one another.

Can one right-hand make all that much difference, powerfully, gently, beautifully?

Listen to this.


That is but one example of both the eternal beauty and quiet strength of one right hand, of honoring one’s “right-hand”, one’s Parter-in-and-for-Life.

May your right hands be happily joined for all the journeys of your lifetime together.

May your hands be blessed with the opportunity to rear, guide and protect the Gift of Children,

As I assuredly believe is the case with your beautiful Mother and me, may not only your hands but also your souls form an inseparable, indissoluble union lasting throughout Eternity.

L’Chaim! To Life!

Forever, To Love!


Hat-tips: Kahala Hotel and Resort Honolulu, Academy of St Martin’s in the Fields, Alfred Brendel